Production – Oct 19, 2013

An update from Phoenix, Arizona.

Since the last update, we have accomplished a great deal. I made Monitor Gray my nearly full-time endeavor when I dove into sound design. While I had worked at fixing and fine tuning audio for various short films, I had never recreated an entire sound stage across multiple audio tracks as is required for some scenes in Monitor Gray.

The result is a carefully crafted auditory awareness of all that is happening on-screen; and for me, a true sense of ownership of this portion of the film. If it works as intended, the audience will never know how much work went into something as simple as three people walking down a hall, each footstep reconstructed with foley, some purchased (footfalls, electric hums, more than two dozen in all), some recorded in-house (hand shake, book drop, clothing ruffle).

We have completely rebuilt the Monitor Gray website (, offering an improved navigation system. Even if you have visited the site before, I encourage you to review its pages again as you may discover some part of the growing Monitor Gray world you had missed before.

The Monitor Gray Facebook page ( offers new behind-the-scenes photos and draft 3D renderings of the nanobots provided by Square Pixel just last week.

All VFX shots and the score are slated to be delivered in draft or final form this weekend. Once integrated, an up-to-date Premiere project will handed back to Joel for colouring.

I am beginning to design the book, poster, and DVD cover for the Kickstarter contributors, but first and foremost, we remain focused on the film, to make certain we are able to provide the digital download by the close of this calendar year.

Excited to share more, soon! –kai