Cast & Crew

Monitor Gray - Steve Briscoe as Dr. Jeffrey Sorin Monitor Gray - Kathleen Cameron as Victoria

Monitor Gray - Bobby Rodenbach as Ethan Monitor Gray - Anne Boon as Gloria

Cast (in order of appearance):



  • Jarrod Wilson of Pirate Grip & Electric, Gaffer
  • Stockton VanderStoep, Production Assistant
  • J.Lyle, Grip (Scottsdale shoot)
  • Justin Mulligan, Grip (Tempe shoot)
  • Lee Lusby, 1st AC (Tempe shoot)
  • Colleen Marshall, Additional Camera Operator (Tempe shoot)
  • Michael Sly, Additional Camera Operator (Tempe shoot)
  • Jay Lee, Additional Camera Operator (Tempe shoot)
  • Lee Ann Cone, Digital Transfer (Tempe shoot)
  • Kai Staats, Additional Camera Operator
  • Claudia Breckenridge, Makeup
  • Dania Garza, Makeup




Director & Producers