Kickstarter – Midway

Thank you everyone for your steadfast dedication to the success of Monitor Gray.

Director / Screen writer Joel Kaye has been working steadily into the nights on the edit of Monitor Gray. Scene by scene, he has been fine-tuning, tweaking, and conducting preliminary color correction. He has completed the rough draft of the dialogue between recruits Ethan (Bobby Rodenbach) and Gloria (Annie Boon) in the chopper, en route to Sorin BioTech’s massive city. One of the slower scenes in this short film, it is all-telling, giving the audience appreciation for how desperate people are in the real-world, outside of the Pyramid, to get in. At the same time, we are given insight to the personalities of two lead characters, and how they will likely clash later in the story.

I have updated the STORY page of our Kickstarter campaign to showcase screenshots from the new edit and others we have completed. Take a look!

Once these key scenes are fine-tuned, we will hand them off to our VFX experts to provide the finishing touches.