Kickstarter – Aug 23, 2012

I remember when this campaign started, three weeks ago, and how long 30 days felt at that time. Now, with just nine days remaining, I realize how quickly it all goes by. The response to our campaign, my first at Kickstarter, has been wonderful. Thank you.

With some of the funding set aside for editing, Joel has been able to focus entirely on Monitor Gray this past week, enabling us to make headway toward a rough draft of the entire short film. We have engaged a VFX specialist and through this Kickstarter campaign, have been approached by a number of talented composers with offer to score the final film.

Best of all, the majority of feedback we have received, both in public and private channels underscores the desire for a science fiction film built upon a quality story first, special effects, gadgets and gizmos a distant second place.

Thank you for letting us know we are on the right track. We are eager to deliver.