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The challenges and rewards of producing a high-quality film.

Production – Sep 14, 2013

We have integrated the first batch of VFX into the Premier project time-line. It is wonderfully gratifying to see the raw, green-screen footage replaced with photo-real renders.

Joel is fine-tuning an After Effects model which will greatly enhance Dr. Sorin’s presentation while I dive into sound design. Our VFX team Square Pixel continues to work on the shots we have provided. Few things are as easy as anticipated, but the most challenging are done.

I have engaged a talented, accomplished composer and will this night upload the second draft render in order that he can begin to craft an original score. Eager to share stills from the new renders, and further updates soon.

Thank you for your patience and steadfast enthusiasm! –kai

Production – Aug 20, 2013

Supporters and Fans of Monitor Gray,

We are making good progress this summer, our VFX team juggling four complex shots. We are more than half-way complete with computer generated art.

More stills and updates coming soon!


Production – Jun, 20 2013

I posted four screenshots from the recent VFX work on Monitor Gray. These are not final products in terms of color correction, texturing, and render quality, but do demonstrate the progress we are making.

Visit to review the June 20 post and the new photo album “Post Production VFX”.

This project, more than any other I have worked on in film, is teaching me the patience and perseverance required to steadily work through such an endeavor. Slowly, surely, the big picture is coming together.

Eager to share more in the coming weeks.


Production – May 17, 2013

More good news!

Work on the VFX for Monitor Gray is moving ahead at a steady pace. We are pleased to be working with SquarePixel for the majority of our computer generated art.

The opening “Cafe” scene is complete. The “Controller” scene is nearly done, with work on the next two (and most comprehensive) scenes starting soon.

Stay tuned!

Production – Apr 26, 2013

I have good news to share with you—work on Monitor Gray visual effects is once again in good hands and gaining momentum.

Following extensive research and interviews with various VFX teams, two weeks ago we selected a VFX team for a trial project. They recently completed to our satisfaction a scene which contains five shots. We are now engaging them to tackle the majority of the Monitor Gray project, moving ahead as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience, dedication, and continued support. It feels good to be in motion again. Eager to share another update soon.


Production – Mar 10, 2013

A longer, somewhat personal explanation was this same day delivered to the backers of Monitor Gray via the messaging system.

Due to conditions mostly out of our control and lessons learned, we have reset the expectation for completion of Monitor Gray to the close of 2013.

Production – Nov 27, 2012

This update brings us to the close of November, the date we had planned to deliver the digital download of Monitor Gray. However, a few things have unfolded which will push this deadline into 2013, as follows:

  1. In the process of working through the edit, we found a number of instances where a neatly placed VFX shot really helps with the total look & feel of the film. While subtle, the result is continuity and professionalism.
  2. The recruit scene is more challenging than we had believed, requiring use of mats in addition to the green-screen backdrop.
  3. Joel has been doing extensive research into and interacting with experts in the industry. The more we learn the more we realize we don’t know.

This project was first and foremost our effort to produce a Hollywood level sci-fi short film. We remain 100% dedicated to this goal. What we did not understand, fully, was just how many people it does require, each with their own expertise, to produce something of that level — or the tenacity to learn new skills through time committed learning at the keyboard and mouse.

We are dedicated to quality before delivery, and although we have had to rally to some degree, we are confident we continue to move in the right direction, ultimately producing a fantastic short film.


Production – Oct 11, 2012

We are getting close to the final “rough” edit. Joel is producing two versions, one to send to the composer and for edit review, another with a voice-over guiding the VFX gurus in order that we may gain their areas of greatest interest and assign the tasks and deadlines.

I can’t wait to see it all in one contiguous run, as to date I have enjoyed only sections of Joel’s work from various disconnected sequences of his Premier time-line.

Stay tuned!


Production – Sep 18, 2012

I am in discussion with a composer with experience in Hollywood films for the Monitor Gray score.

Joel is negotiating with three VFX artists, determining which pieces of the film they may engage.

Joel himself is applying his skills in post, learning new VFX tricks along the way.

More to come …